Website Re-Designing

Did you know that poor web design can hurt conversions and sales? An unattractive site deserves a website redesign.

Redesigning your website by Additionscode

It is great that you already have a website but, poor traffic and poor strategies make it of no use. That is why we help you to enhance and excel in your website completely. We are known as a leading website development company in India. We ensure your growth through some of our following strategies.

Competitors Examine

Nowadays, you must exceed your competitor to be the best in this digital age. We help you to analyze and use the best strategies as compared to your top 10 Competitors which includes things like what are the strategies they are using? What are the merits and demerits of strategies etc? In addition to that, we also provide you the solution.

Transform your website so that it takes less time to load, offers easy navigation as well as presents better opportunities.


Creating the Mark-up & Wireframes

Mark-ups and wireframe make it accessible for you to check and redirect your website before it goes live. While using a wireframe, you can select the element precisely on your page of the website. Thus, Mark-up helps a lot in the presentation of your website.

As it was a tradition to make a grid style website, many people still prefer Grid style but Nowadays, the human eye seeks innovation and creativity that is balance and innovative design. Your web designer can create tons of mark-up and wireframe to evaluate and to inculcate styles on your website.

Innovative design

Try Redesigning only one element at a time. We help you to figure out what element will extend in the future, except for your visitors which is your landing page and also your specific or individual page.

We also take care that you don’t avoid blog pages, size of an image and other picture graphics which helps you to create an attractive and innovative page.

We believe that content is the king of your website. If you are having great content nothing will hamper your progress. If you have super informative content, then it makes it easier to redesign your website and you will achieve your sales goals too.