About Us

The Development Partner Of Your Bussiness.

All you need to know about Additioncode

Additionsode is one of the Best Website Designing Company in India. We started our journey back in 2010 with some dedicated employees and we’ve grown to over 200+ employees today by using the same successful methods we employ for our clients. Our goal is very simple: to help your business grow through effective digital marketing. We live and breathe Website – App Designing & its Development, Digital Marketing, in this company, and in an industry that is constantly shifting and changing shape, it’s our business to stay ahead of the changes. Our team works by learning, educating, innovating, creating, and above all, delivering results. If we can do it for our own business, we can do it for your business, too. When you succeeded, we will succeed.

“In this crowded and ever-changing industry, we make it our priority to stay ahead of the game. Led by phenomenal management staff, we always learning, keeping up with the trends, and adding new services that we believe will assist in our clients’ growth. Our members also don’t stop where a lot of agencies might. The end goal is client success and we’re not satisfied until that success is reached: even if it requires more time and resources on our end. I am a firm believer that the success of our clients is truly our success; we would be nowhere without them. My staff and I have invested in the life and longevity of this company. We have the backbone of our strong members and that number continues to grow. The accelerated growth we have witnessed, even in the last few years, has been tremendous, and we are excited about what the future holds.”

Our Client

We have over 500+ satisfied clients including 500+ forture companies, small business, franchise companies, startups, E-commerse, etc.

Our Team

We have a team of really professional and 10+ years of experienced employees which plays an important role in the growth of a Business

User Experience (UX) design

To create software that people will actually use, you need to create software that’s simple and easy to use.

Quality Assurance

Our specialized in-house QA team does the review and testing of all the software we build.